Scarlet Gauze

A story detailing the shallow depths of drama in medical school.
Medical students distribute an explicit video of a classmate and the dramatics that follow.

“The investigation is ongoing. Please be patient while I collect more information and try to make sense of this story. I’m still trying to piece my life together.”

June 02, 2022: Extortion, these people follow through their threats

I’ve made my share of mistakes but this is beyond unfair. After I officially filed a Title IX complaint, they sent me a bill that totaled over $8,000. They told my lawyer (provided by a generous friend with whom I now owe a life-debt) that they’re willing to drop their rights to the money if I withdrew my Title IX complaint and any legal recourse I might have.

I am at my wit’s end and I’m not taking this bent over. These administrators do not deserve respect. They are unfit to hold the positions I once respected. I will not be swept under a rug. My life and prospects are deteriorating by the day but I still have a voice. I will prevent this from happening to others.

Racial bias that’s repackaged in a way society is willing to accept. Covert racism. A livelihood supported by years of grueling education besieged by gossip and a series of assumptions. You cannot predict my motives through stereotypes you fucking dickheads. It was a mistake to place my trust in their hands.

My aim is to cover the cost of legal recourse against these foul humans. If nothing else, I hope telling my story would reduce the level of resentment I harbor towards them. I was going to be a great physician.


What Happened?

Late 2019, a sex video leaks online. An Instagram story marked with an urgent cry for help.

She said she was gonna blur my face but I don’t want it up at all. Any ideas to prevent her from posting it without getting law enforcement involved?

The story is on Instagram for less than 40 minutes before it’s removed. A student records the video and begins to distribute it amongst the students of Western University of Health Sciences, College of the Pacific (COMP).

Is this really about a sex video made over 7 years ago? (No.)

Students at Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific distributed an explicit video of another student. The student disclosed the video was made sometime in 2013 and is unsure of how it spread amongst his classmates. The school reprimanded the student and isolated him from classmates. He was: removed from contention for coveted rotations, deemed ineligible for student awards, and was isolated from his class osteopathic manipulation training, the student was forced to switch to a same-sex partner. The administration persisted and began asking inappropriate questions. It was at this point when the victim refused asserting his Title IX protections. 

The administration’s tone quickly changed. On its face, it looks like the they were making a concession but they were biding time. On March 17, 2020 the victim was presented with 10 complaints from the doctoral class of 2022. The incidents were trivial, akin to high school drama. None spoke to his professional standards nor were they on university grounds. All seemed inconsequential. 

The complaints were all submitted within the same timeline. A due date of March 10, 2020. 

Person: Date of Complaint Submission:
Harika V. March-10-2020
Andrew J. March-07-2020
Erica C. March-10-2020
Holly R. March-10-2020
Bahar R. March-12-2020
Drew H. Feb-26-2020
Alex V. March-01-2020
Allison A. March-09-2020
Nene T. Feb-25-2020
Priya D. Two Submissions – One before and one updated after being coached. It’s unclear when the first was submitted but the second was submitted on March-11-2020.


Don’t worry, I’ll go over all these complaints one by one when I have the time.

Did the school really solicit the victim’s ex-girlfriend’s sex video under threat of dismissal?

Yes, they did. This is the victim’s plea to minimize the amount of exposure of the video in an email. The ex-partner is a web-cam model and the student thought it was inappropriate to share this information with faculty.

Did anyone else notice #6?

What did these students all have in common?

  • They are also responsible for disseminating a sex video of the victim.
  • They are within the same friend group.

How did this come about?

  • After releasing the sex video and sharing it amongst the class the students feared the consequences of their actions. They went to seek guidance from Michelle Park. They were coached to slander the victim by submitting formal complaints to the administration. This would destroy his credibility and ultimately result in his dismissal.


Once the victim invoked his rights of Title IX protections, the university worked with students who released the victim’s sex video to discredit him. They requested they all submit a complaint against the victim. In order to shield themselves from their malfeasance, they worked with the school’s administration to cover up their offense. They submitted character references to slander the victim which ultimately lead to the dismissal of the student from the class. Due to the victim’s lack of resources, they were unable to secure a lawyer or adequately fend off the coordinated slander of the victim. The callous and unethical officials of Western University of Health Sciences took every measure to conceal inappropriate behavior of their students. I just wanna die.


Retaliation – Title IX

Retaliatory acts, or attempts to retaliate, against anyone who has reported in good faith sexual misconduct or discrimination, who has assisted, testified, is expected to participate, refuses to participate, or has participated in any manner, in an investigation or grievance process pursuant to the Sexual Misconduct Policy, or who otherwise supports the report, are prohibited.

Retaliation includes intimidation, verbal or physical threats, coercion, or discrimination. When evidence of retaliatory behavior exists, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.  Evidence of retaliation may exist even when there is a finding of “not responsible” on the underlying formal complaint.  Retaliation does not include good-faith actions lawfully pursued in response to a report of a Sexual Misconduct Policy violation.

During a formal complaint process under the Title IX Regulations, no party or witness can be compelled to testify, or to appear at a meeting or hearing; therefore, the College cannot interfere with this right, or any privilege secured by Title IX, by compelling testimony or appearance, or by charging an individual with a code of conduct violation for refusing to testify or appear in a Title IX matter as referenced in the Sexual Misconduct Policy and its grievance resolution procedures.

The Smoking Gun:

The retaliation was confirmed during the SPC meeting. Please see the corresponding event from the court transcripts. Andrew Jarjour confirms that he spoke with Faculty who persuaded him to submit a complaint against the victim.

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