Scarlet Gauze

A story detailing the shallow depths of drama in medical school.
Medical students distribute an explicit video of a classmate and the dramatics that follow.

Paula Crone


Vice President, WesternU Oregon | Dean, COMP and COMP-Northwest

Paula Crone made the ultimate decision to sentence a victim of revenge porn to a lifetime of hardship without even speaking to the victim once. How does someone who claim to be a chariot of empathy be so unempathetic? Easy, she doesn’t believe anyone will hold her accountable.

Michelle Park


Associate Dean of Student Affairs 

Michelle Emmert Park was the purveyor of all information that related to the case. She discussed the incident with other students, asked inappropriate questions, and discussed the student’s private information without regards to anyone’s privacy. She gathered all the students together and coached them on what to say in order to slander the student.

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